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Digital Businesses are risky
is the failure rate in the IT startup industry
of the service-based startups close within the first year
of startup teams lack tech knowledge
of startups shut down due to the wrong tech stack
Here's why
Racing Against Time and Technical Debt45% of developers blame Lack of Time for technical debt. Let our experts untangle your codebase and tech stack, giving you a crystal-clear view of its efficiency and quality. No more cutting corners, just cutting-edge solutions.
Cybersecurity Threats for Small BusinessesSmall businesses are prime targets, with 43% of cyber attacks aimed at them. Our specialists perform a full-spectrum security check on your app, shielding your product’s success, brand reputation, and precious customer data. Stay secure, stay savvy.
Lack of Cloud Management ExperienceAlmost 20% of startup founders and engineers have less than a year of cloud management experience. No worries—our team dives deep into your product's architecture and infrastructure, ensuring it’s built to scale like a Silicon Valley unicorn.
Don't let your tech problems snowball
did you know?Start-ups that validate their solution with a tech audit have 6% more chances of success
Here's how
Prep for the audit with vital documents, sign NDAs and finalise work orders.
Kick-off meet to understand the vision and specific need.
Check documentation to get the status quo and identify gaps.
Meet the devs to understand workflows and challenges.
Review preliminary findings and focus areas for deep dives.
Submit final report detailing everything needed ro reach the moon.

What we're auditing



Ensure the right expertise is available for your project’s tech stack.

Programming Languages

Compatibility and future-proofing

Frameworks & Libraries

Suitability for project requirements


Assess the architecture, infrastructure, and tools for long-term viability.


Quality and completeness

Test Specifications

Coverage and effectiveness


Optimize for speed, the software development process and infrastructure alike.

Dev Speed Optimization

Effective processes and tools

Quality Assurance

Robustness and reliability

Infrastructure & Deployment

Efficiency and scalability

Documentation & Resources

Clarity and consistency


Ensure your product's reliability to avoid costly downtimes.

System Reliability Assurance

Monitoring and performance

Data Protection & Recovery

Reliability of data backups & alerts

Error Management

Logging & error tracking


Uncover vulnerabilities to protect against security breaches.

Infrastructure Configuration

Stability and scalability

Authentication & Authorization

Effectiveness of access control

Communication protocols

Speed and efficiency

Data Security Controls

Data validation and protection


Evaluate the design and user experience for market readiness.

User Satisfaction

User experience optimization

Up-to-Date Design

Modern design principles

Comprehensive Design

Completeness and consistency

AI Leverage

Evaluate AI potential adoption and usage.

AI readiness

Prepare for AI adoption

AI Productivity

Increase velocity with AI tools

AI Product Opportunities

Integrate AI solution
Report Results

Clear, actionable from day 1, and beautifully organized


A high-level summary of the project’s status and scoring.


The project’s heatmap visualization for each area covered.

Impact Matrix

The business impact of the severity of items, visually represented.
Impact Matrix

Report List

List of all findings generated for the project.
Report List
Flexible pricing
for projects of all sizes


Ideal for initial exploration and consultation. This package provides essential insights to inform your decision-making.

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  • Tech audit template
  • Instructions for checklist
  • 2-hour meeting with tech expert


Perfect for deal negotiations and standard tech audits. This package ensures thorough evaluation and expert insights.

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  • Tech questionnaire to be sent to the startup
  • Tech audit conducted by FXBITS with one review-test iteration
  • Report identifying vulnerabilities, opportunities, and action plan


Designed for complex projects with specific tech requirements. This package offers tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

On Request
Schedule a call
  • Set of due diligence services tailored to your project and business needs
  • Tech audit conducted by FXBITS with as many review-test iterations as you need
  • Custom reporting
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